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Introducing Verrutop For Sexual Health

Verrutop has been regularly used in a number of European settings for several years and whilst much of the published clinical data spans all aspects of HPV wart therapy from a dermatological perspective there have been a number of standalone reports looking specifically at ano-genital warts which bolster the specific use of Verrutop in this field.

The most recent study, a single blinded RCT post-dates the publication of the EADV Position document.

Verrutop has an impressive and increasing range of clinical studies to support its introduction.

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Verrutop: included in recent Position Statement

Treatment: Nitric–zinc complex topical solution

Mode of action: Induces a caustic effect on the wart through mummification and protein denaturation/coagulation action

Schedule: Once or up to four times; repeat at 2-week intervals if needed

Clearance rate (%): 90–99

Recurrence rate (%): Not evaluated

Advantages: Efficacy, Easy application

Disadvantages: Current evidence in AGW available from a limited number of patients only, Investigation of recurrence rate is required

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Verrutop – changing the management of genital warts – a little drop at a time