Introducing Verrutop For Podiatry

Verrutop is a Class IIa Medical Device and is now available from Espère Healthcare for specialist application by Healthcare Professionals, including those in the field of Podiatry. For more information please call 01462 346100 or email info@esperehealth.co.uk

Verrutop is not intended for home use by members of the public as difficult to treat warts and verrucae need specialist attention to prepare the surface prior to treatment.

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Painless Application

Verrutop is a new type of wart treatment. Unlike Cryotherapy or other chemical treatments, Verrutop does not act by freezing or burning the tissue. Instead it denatures the viral protein and desiccates the wart tissue, which then falls off the skin, leaving intact skin underneath.
Treatment is normally quick and painless.

Clinically Backed

Verrutop is supported by a large number of clinical papers and poster presentations at major conventions involving hundreds of patients with multiple warts. There are also a growing number of individual case reports and user feedback is extremely positive.

Verrutop Data



Shipped using Royal Mail for the best UK coverage, including Highlands and Islands.
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Phone Support


We are happy to discuss any questions or queries that you may have and also take orders over the phone. Just call us on 01462 346100 during office hours.

Marketing Materials


We are constantly developing new ideas to help you market to your clients and build a better business. All these materials are supplied free with each order.





We’re here to help you develop your business, not just supply products to treat your patients. As a small business ourselves we recognise the importance of a little help and support from friends. With this in mind we have created a range of paper and online resources to help bring clients into your clinic, help to educate them and reassure them that you are offering the best possible treatments for their verruca. All these resources are available free of charge with each order and we’ll be updating them regularly.

Appointment Cards

Appointment Cards

  • Included with every pack
  • Information with what to expect with treatment
Patient Leaflets

Product Leaflets

  • Patient information leaflets
  • Free on request with orders
Clinic Posters

Clinic Posters

  • Available to display treatment options
  • Free on request with orders

Product Videos

  • For use on social media
  • Can be customised on request


PPE Supplies

As a recognised national supplier of medical devices and in light of the recent pandemic and increasing national demand, we have extended our portfolio to include the sourcing and distribution of PPE. All relevant PPE products conform to appropriate quality standards and supporting documentation is available on request.

We welcome enquiries from any organisation requiring assistance in sourcing specific items and will endeavour to assist wherever possible.

Verrutop - Part of our expanding range of Podiatry products

We’re building quite a range of specialist products for the field of podiatry



a simple treatment for molluscum contagiosum which is sometimes seen on the hands and lower limbs of podiatry patients.



a whole range of socks and stockings designed to control the micro-climate around delicate skin, reducing itch and preventing side effect issues caused by compression dressings.



a paint-on nail lacquer for mild to moderate onychomycosis using Norwegian Spruce Resin as the active antifungal and antimicrobial agent.



A sister product to Abicin which is a wound salve specifically designed to heal ulcers on lower limbs and prevent infection

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  1. Verrutop (4 Ampoules)

    Please note this product is intended for professional use only and will only be supplied to registered Podiatrists and Foot Health Practitioners.

    Please include your registration number at the time of ordering, every order will be verified before despatch. This product is not for sale to the general public and therefore as this is a business to business transaction a handling fee may be applied to refunded purchases to cover our costs if you do not meet the criteria. If you are unsure you can order over the phone by calling 01462 346100

    Free UK delivery by Royal Mail (including Highlands/Islands) on all podiatry orders available. Orders to Ireland will not be charged UK VAT at checkout however fees & local taxes may be applied by AN Post.

    Option to pay direct or select a purchase order with payment within 30 days at the checkout

    Buy 6 or more packs to receive a 10% discount

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    £38.40 £32.00 As low as £34.56
  2. Abilar - Wholesale

    Abilar Resin Salve is a modern CE Marked woundcare product, based on a traditional medication that has been used in treating wounds and burns in Finland for over 400 years.

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    £11.99 £9.99 As low as £9.59
  3. Abicin - Wholesale

    Abicin 30% Resin Lacquer is a new treatment for fungal nail infections or onychomycosis. It is based on the resin from Norwegian Spruce trees which has powerful antifungal and antibacterial properties.

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    £13.50 £11.25 As low as £10.80
  4. FFP2 Respirator Face Masks
    • Particle Filtration Rate >95% with Ear loops
    • 2 in a pack with wear instructions
    • Compliant with EN 149:2001 & A1:2009 standards
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    £5.70 £4.75

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